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  • Burda Style Advanced Teachers Certification

    Burda Style Advanced Teachers Certification

    This is what I’ve been up to during the first month of 2021, finishing my Burda Style Advanced Teacher Certification. A course dedicated to blouses and twists. The patterns that goes with this course has a lot of details and I really like that. Details makes sewing fun. For my first project, the poets shirt […]

  • Alexander McQueen Dress – First thoughts

    Alexander McQueen Dress – First thoughts

    This pattern was unassembled for month and it was with some resistance I glued all the pages together a couple of weeks ago. It was not the work involved that stopped me, more that I didn’t know what to do with it. This pattern is 220 A4 pages long, took a handful of glue sticks […]

  • Alexander McQueen Jacket

    Alexander McQueen Jacket

    I printed pictures of all the Showstudio Design Downloads and let my husband choose the designs he liked best. One of them was the infamously difficult Alexander McQueen Jacket. So that one became the next make. I already had this pattern in my computer and dreaded a bit printing it out. Designer: Alexander Mcqueen Type: […]

  • Karate Gi Trousers Pattern

    Karate Gi Trousers Pattern

    Say Hello to Tant Monokroms first ever sewing resource, a drafting instruction with printable (primitive) hand drawn pieces for classic Karate Gi trousers. In my early twenties I copied the trousers from my Karate Gi for the first time. I wanted something fun to wear for yoga and had seen a similar pattern in a […]