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Margiela Over Robe

At last I sewed the Martin Margiela dress pattern from Showstudio. I had a suspicion that it would be one of the designers oversized designs just looking at the pieces and wanted to see what kind of shape it had, so I made it in wall mending paper. A thick, felt like wall paper used to cover structured or damaged walls to avoid the plastering. It’s a great material for test sewing things like bags and toys.

I thought about making a real dress in a drapey fabric and let the volume just collapse around the body but Im happy how it turned out… not that I’m going to wear it or something.

Thought about painting it with bright flowers or as a snowman, installing lights in it… that would require a head… maybe spots, Leigh Bowery kind of spots. In the end I just reflected over it and then left it. It was a fun make but I’m not going there again.

Week Thirty

I’ve spent the last week tidying up my workspace and reorganizing materials and books. I’m starting a new project and it makes me feel overwhelmed and without direction so to get past this phase I’m trying to make my studio reasonable tidy. Since cleaning up makes boring posts I’ll show some pictures from two weeks ago when my mum and I went on a roadtrip through Värmland. The purpose was to see where some of our ancestors came from but since it was mom and I traveling we couldn’t resist doing a few cultural touchdowns along the way.

This is the exhibition ”Textila Spår” at Sillegården, Västra Ämtervik where we stayed. A really beautiful collection of Scandinavian textile design.

I came home with some flour, Finnskogsmjöl från Röjdåfors Kvarn and a really large exhibition catalog of Lars Lerins art. No yarn, no fabric. Next week there probably will be paintings done.