Author: Kristine

The Artistic Wardrobe – Research

Artistic Wardrobe Series, Diy, Style, Thoughts 2020-08-19

So, where do you start your styling journey? First a few warnings – this post is about different ways of using style archetypes systems to create an individual wardrobe. It’s about ones outer appearance and seriously nerdy! All methods presented here might or might not work for you. There are other ways of working with […]

DIY Waxed Cotton Jacket

Design, Diy, Other, Sewing, Sewing Pattern, Style 2020-05-27

This project has taken its time. The goal was to make a classic waxed cotton motorcycle jacket like the ones Belstaff and Barbour makes. These jackets has been around since the 30s and style-wise one of my favorites. Just think of Steve McQueen, fun little article about his racing career here. Love the rustic look […]